File photo of marksman of the special unit GSG 9 in Sankt Augustin

A marksman of the German special unit GSG 9 keeps watch from a roof, during a joint exercise demonstrating special forces reaction to a hostage taking situation at the German Federal Police in Sankt Augustin near Cologne in this April 27, 2007 file photo. Germany is investigating several elite policemen and an army officer on suspicion of illegally providing anti-terrorism training to Libyan security forces in their free time, officials said April 4, 2008. The Sueddeutsche newspaper reported that more than 30 police and army officials had provided training to Libyan officials and received compensation of up to 15,000 euros ($23,570) each from a private security firm. The interior ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia said authorities were investigating eight current or former police officers from the northwestern state. REUTERS/Alex Grimm/Files (GERMANY)

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